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At Angel Bodies Personal Training we guide and push our clients to become the best versions of themselves. We are dedicated to providing you with the best custom solutions to improve your overall health and wellness, and achieve your fitness goals. Whatever your goals are; to lose weight, gain muscle, improve fitness, or to just have fun, we can help by offering an affordable and high quality tailored training program.

We offer both in house personal training in our studio in Baulkham Hills and mobile personal training, as well as online personal training. Your convenience is also a priority for our personal trainer Baulkham Hills. We can train you wherever and whenever is best for you. Whether that be your home, local park, or at our studio, we are flexible, servicing the entire Hills District and Blacktown region.


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All our programs are tailored for YOU. Target your specific goals and the areas you want to improve on.


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My health and fitness journey is a little different to the ‘lose weight’ transformation inspiring stories. Being someone that’s always been active since a toddler, my journey started from specifically when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 14. Dramatic effects occurred to my body such as regular heart burns when at dance training; abnormally rapid fatigue in leg muscles; shortness of breath; drained energy 24/7; weight gain; and severe delayed discounting in nutrition.

This took an enormous toll on my mental state and how I viewed myself and of course my health and fitness as it dramatically felt diminished to the point I was not longer the defending champion in my age group at the Australian Irish Dancing Nationals and my flare was nowhere to be found. I felt as though my time had come to an end and there was no way I could ever feel as strong as I use to at a younger age, thriving and being the pocket rocket I was once known as. My transformation is from a rock-bottom and spiralling breakdown to a stronger than ever, confident athlete.

Since then up until this very moment I’ve realised that no matter where I am in my fitness journey, it is always a learning curve for me and that there is unlimited potential to learn and grow day in and day out. I turned what was an unhealthy spiral of mental and physical states into a fierce passion for body sculpting and elite athleticism. It’s not without hard work, innovation and dedication that will get you to your goals. 

I remember a time in life that I thought to myself “I will never have the discipline to make working out apart of my everyday life” and now it’s all I do. All I needed was guidance and a plan. Now I want to teach as many people as I can habits, skills and mindsets to make it a reality sooner then you ever thought possible! This journey has taken me from being lethargic, unhappy, even lost, to a woman that is driven, motivated, energetic and healthy.

As a personal trainer Baulkham Hills coach, my core beliefs revolve around mindset, consistency and discipline. With the correct training & nutrition, I was able to transform my shape and my mind. Believe me if I can do it, so can you! Today I aspire to promote all souls to train from all levels and skill sets to positively impact the lives of from around the world.

This is a lifestyle to me, and I genuinely LOVE to train and eat well to fuel my body. I indulge when the time is right, and I live to challenge myself daily. I try to approach each and every day with the goal of growth and learning. Knowledge is power and growth is moving forward and never looking back!

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Jordan Walter